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Road Racing T/A on XBox


The Original Trans Am Race Series


Herb Adams Silverbird

1969 GTO's Here


1st Gen of the Pontiac Grand Am. Link here for: 1973, 1974, and 1975!


1977 Can Am by Pontiac link here

Team Associates Nascar Grand Am racer link here.


The "Hammer Slammer" Judge '69 GTO Funny Car Model Kit


1967 GTO 400 4SPD


"Mr. GTO" Jim Wangers & Me - His Website link here!

GTO Tiger - Grrrr!

Paul Zazarine's Website


Martinique Mania




Herb Adams Team Associates NASCAR Pontiac Grand Am




1979 Trans Am New Breed of Wow!


The Original Bandit's Website!


TachRev Old

WELCOME TO TACHREV.COM's 23rd Anniversary!

Established: 06/06/99 as The Trans Am Club of Houston website. Rev. 01/01/2023

Celebrating more than "A Decade of Thrills" - 10+ years online. Dedicated to all Pontiacs, Firebirds, Trans Ams and GTOs. All models, including base Pontiacs, Firebirds, Espirits, Formulas, Grand Am, LeMans, Can Am, Grand Prix, Bonneville, Catalina, Fiero, Safari, and Ventura are featured, as well as other make and model specialty vehicles. Proudly Promotes and Supports the U.S. VETS HOUSTON Initiative

Check out these Motorsport Happenings:

NHRA Drag Racing Sports Car Racing Grand American Race SeriesIMSA Roadracing Formula 1 - If you're tired of going round in circles!


    GTO Genealogy Main Page Link Here

    Pontiac's Original Muscle Cars - Tempest, Le Mans,

    Grand Am, Can Am, and GTO


    1st Generation GTO - Main Page 1964-1967- 1st Generation:

                                 Muscle Car Number One

    2nd Generation GTO - Main Page 1968-1972 - 2nd Generation:

                                 Here Comes The Judge

    3rd Generation GTO - Main Page 1973-1974 - 3rd Generation:

                                 Last Pontiac Powerplants

    1st Generation of the Pontiac Grand Am - update here for NEW GA info! 1973-1975 - 1st Generation:

                                 First Pontiac Grand Ams

    4th Generation GTO - Main Page 2004-2006 - 4th Generation:

                                 The Holden Platform


    The history and transformations of Pontiac's

    Premiere Muscle Car - Firebird, Formula, and Trans Am


    1st Generation Firebird - Main Page 1967-1969- 1st Generation:

                                 Firebirds' First Flight

    2nd Generation Firebird - Main Page 1970-1981 - 2nd Generation:

                                 The Shaker Years

    3rd Generation Firebird - Main Page 1982-1992- 3rd Generation:

                                 Where TURBO is King

    4th Generation Firebird - Main Page 1993-2002- 4th Generation:

                           Firebirds' Final Flight

    Kevin Morgan's Firebird Dream Machines 2010-2020 - 5th Generation:

                                 Firebird Dream Machines Link!

The "Heavy Hitters"

A few of the most often accessed web pages on

  • Wally Parks NHRA Museum Twilight Cruise Link
  • Wally Parks NHRA Museum Twilight Cruise link here
  • 2008 Grazin with the Goats GTOAA Link
  • Shelby GR1 Prototype Link
  • Shelby GT- H Convertible Link
  • 2008 NHRA Spring Nationals Link!
  • 2012 Mecum Houston Auction Premiere Link !
    Houston Mecum 2012 Auction pages here!
  • HCIAS 2012 Guitars n' Cars & Auto Show Link !
  • Oilfield Helping Hands Show & Rally 2012 Link !
  • Oilfield Helping Hands Show & Rally 2013 Link !
  • Paint Charts Pontiacs 1958 to 1981 Link !

Click on the 3 Icons below for the Guitars n' Cars Show, the Outdoor HCIAS Car Show, and Event Magazine

pGuitars n' Cars pHCIAS Outdoor Car Show pHCIAS Event Magazine p1958-1981 Pontiac Paint Color Codes and Charts 1958-81 Pontiac Paint Color Charts



TachRev Garage

  • XBOX™ Pontiac Trans Am 1 2 3 4 5
  • Restoration Tips and Techiques Here from Jeff Lilly Restorations, Ltd.
  • The best source for Body and Trim Restoration Parts for your 1973-1975 Grand Am:  MOTOREALM!  The best source for Body and Trim Restoration Parts for your 1973-1975 Grand Am: MOTOREALM!


  • Click here for the Great 1973-1977 A-Body site!



1973 Pontiac Grand Am engineering X-Ray detail view


TachRev Webmasters rides

Some of the TachRev rides:

pDebster - Our Little 1967 400 4-spd GTO! Our "Glass Tiger" 69 GTO Lilly - Our 1973 Grand Am Martinique 1978 & Midnight 1979 - W72 400 4-spd Trans Ams Martinique - 1978 W72 WS6 400 4-spd TA Shelby GT-H Convertible Link
  • 2007 Shelby GT- H Convertible M 1 2 3
  • Main Thumb Page 1 2 3


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GTO Main 1st Gen 2nd Gen 3rd Gen 4th Gen

Trans Am 1st Gen 2nd Gen 3rd Gen 4th Gen



New contact #'s @ 2nd Gen :


2nd Generation 1970-81 Firebird & TA Quality Used Parts!


GR8 Item for 301 Turbos!


301 Turbo Lights


Phoenix Graphix:


Decal Headquarters: Phoenix Graphix!


Eastwood Automotive:


Unique Automotive tools and supplies for your Pontiac projects here!



Some of the WebMasters

favorite shows, celebrities, parts suppliers and links.


U.S. Vets Houston TX


Houston Contruction Industry Auto Show


Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum


Pro-Touring and G-Machines weblink here!




Click here for Bandit Run information!


Pontiacs Online link


Click here for the Bandit Trans Am Club!  JOIN TODAY!!


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Franks Pontiac Parts click here!


MECUM Website here!


The Greatest Pontiac Parts &  Largest Poncho Forums!


Worlds largest Pontiac Club - Join today!


Jeff Lilly Restorations

Gulf Coast GTOs

Butler is Pontiac Performance!


Trans Am Nationals

Southern TA Nats