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1993 - 2002

1993 was the year of introduction of Pontiac's fourth generation of the Firebird. The totally reengineered and redesigned Firebird became a well balanced package in tune with the stringent government regulations and the ever higher expectations of the modern performance buying public.


25th Anniversary Trans Am

In 1994, Pontiac introduced the 25th Anniversary Trans Am. This model was white with a blue bird emblem on the nose and a blue stripe running up the hood, down the deck lid and over the rear spoiler. The door bottoms had blue 25th Trans Am script. The car had white wheels with a blue bird and 25th Trans Am emblems. Pontiac built 2000 units of which about 500 were convertibles.


The white and black interior featured white leather seats with 25th Trans Am script and white door panels.

All were powered by the LT1 350 "corporate" V8 and had a 4 speed automatic transmission.

1996-97 Ram Air Trans Am body style @ speed (below).


1998 - 2002 Ram Air Trans Am body style (below).

30th Anniversary Trans Am

1999 saw production of the 30th Anniversary Trans Am. All were WS6 Ram Air machines available in T-top coupe or convertible versions. They were white with twin blue hood birds and twin blue stripes. They had blue tinted polished wheels and plenty of 30th Anniversary insignia inside and out. Power was from the LS1 Ram Air engine. The rarest of these are the 6 speed, manual transmission, equipped convertibles. It has been reported that 100 or less of these rare manual transmission convertibles have been produced.

Year 2000 Trans Am


Trans Am - 35th Anniversary

"Firebirds' Final Flight" - 2002


Production of the Firebird came to an end in 2002. To commemorate the last year, Pontiac released a special 35th anniversary "Collector’s Edition" Trans Am. It featured a special paint scheme, detailed interior appointments and special edition emblems.

35th Anniversary Trans Am profile.

The "Collector Yellow" paint theme had a special screaming eagle that brought back memories of ‘70s Trans Ams. Twin "racing stripes" started at the hood (circa 1969 T/A) and wrapped around the doors and extended to the quarter panels.

The rear fascia received a two-tone yellow and black treatment and Trans Am and Collector Edition badges were affixed to the lower doors.

It was offered in both coupe with T-Tops or convertible models with black WS6 wheels with a machined face surface, black anodized front and rear brake calipers and black painted axles. Goodyear Eagle F1 performance tires were standard.

Inside, the seats were covered in ebony leather with headrests featuring embroidered Collector Edition logos. Special floor mats and rear shelf carried the Collector Edition logo. Each car was equipped with a special issue Collector Edition owner’s portfolio.

The Ram Air WS6 performance and handling package was standard on the Collector Edition. The LS1 was rated at 325 horsepower and came with either six-speed manual or four-speed automatic. Just fewer than 2,000 Collector Editions were offered. And after it's 35 year production run - with over 2 million produced - the Firebird was brought to an end. Pontiac/GM now wants you and me to buy their Cadillac, Corvette or re-skinned Holden with GTO badging, to replace our beloved Firebird. Rumors persist that a 5th Generation Firebird is planned for reintroduction (the exact date is unknown). Rest in peace indeed.

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The Start of it all - 1969 Trans Am

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